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Check In App

We've recently launched an update to our Check In Mobile App on the NUG. For a complete walkthrough of the new interface and features, please check out the video below:

When opening the new version of the Check In app, you should hear a happy beep. This sound represents the iPhone connecting to the Honeywell Scanner, ensuring you're able to scan properly. 


Interface/UI Changes

A few things you'll immediately notice are the new layout and color scheme. We've updated the interface to allow for easy customer creation and scanning. 


The green pencil icon allows you to manually add a customer. This is helpful for international customers shopping with a passport. The blue camera icon represents the phone's camera which can be used to scan IDs as an alternative to the barcode scanner. 

Once customers are checked in, you'll see the wrench icon in the upper left. This option allows you to remove a single customer or your entire queue. When there are no customers checked in, this option will not display. 


You also can access the Remove and Edit options for individual customers by swiping left on a checked in customer. 


Customer Documents

For Medical patients or customers that require additional documentation, you can access the document uploads panel by swiping right on customer details panel. Swipe left to return to the customer details view. 

To access this view for recreational customers, you'll want to select the Add Info button in the upper right before you select the Check In/Add Customer options. 


Once a photo is taken of the desired document, it will be listed as pending until you select the Check-In button. If you need to remove or redo the document uploads, you can select the trash can icon next to the pending upload. 



If you'd like more information on the benefits of the Check In app, please feel free to check out our recent blog post here. You can also give us a call at 844-FLOWHUB and we'll be happy to discuss any additional questions.