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Your Product Catalog is all of the items* that you may sell in any of your locations. Products are entered under Company Management. Think of this as an inventory catalog housing all potential items your stores will sell.
  • Products are not specific to a location.
  • Products are applicable to your entire account (all locations). 
  • Products are found under the Company Management tab. 
  • Products can be added manually, or uploaded via CSV file. 

By creating products, you are not creating inventory in the system. Company management allows you to maintain products in one place, and see those changes reflected at each store. You have two options to upload product data, so let's get started:

Option One: Upload via CSV

  1. From Bottom Navigation menu: Select Manage >> Company Management
  2. Click on Upload CSV button
  3. Click into the Choose Product Type field, choose your type
  4. Click Get Template, repeat for all product types
  5. Fill in CSV files, and save for upload. 
  6. Click on Upload CSV once more
  7. Choose your file, select your file type, click Upload

Here is a video on how to complete this process

Option Two: Manually add your own

  1. From Bottom Navigation menu: Select Manage >> Company Management
  2. Select Products from the manage dropdown in the top navigation bar
  3. Select the "+" button in upper right corner
  4. Select the category (Infused Products, Concentrates, or Accessories)
  5. Fill in all fields
Notes:  The fields will dynamically update based on your category selection. Learn best practices when naming products here, and keep in mind each product must have a unique name in order to streamline adding inventory to your stores. 

When adding products you will be prompted to enter a type which is an every evolving sub category of products.  If the type is already listed in the system, you may select it from the dropdown. If the type is new, enter the entire name to create the type.  

Product types are added and edited under products in company management so you only need to change this once, and it is updated in all your locations.  

Example types include: flower, wax/shatter, infused (edibles), live resin, cartridge, glass

Let's edit a type: 
  1. Select company management from bottom navigation menu
  2. Select products from top navigation manage menu
  3. Select the product you need to change the type on
  4. Select edit from the details tab on the right hand side
  5. ​Update and save

Brands are added when adding products to your company.  This is especially useful when searching and organizing products, so do take care when filling this out. 

Let's add a Brand:

  1. Select Manage >> Company Management
  2. Fill in product information with a new or existing brand type (ie: Product: Rolling papers >> Brand: Raw)
  3. Click Save

Let's edit a Brand:

  1. Select Manage >> Company Management 
  2. Select the top manage drop down >> Products
  3. Search for the incorrectly spelled brand name (ie: “Wanna” rather than "Wana") 
  4. Click the product where “Wanna” is the brand name so it is highlighted green
  5. From the Details section in the Side Navigation (Right), click Edit
  6. Delete the brand name and replace it with the correct spelling, “Wana”
  7. Update Product

By doing so, you have corrected the item with the wrong brand name, as well as removed the incorrect spelling from the Brand dropdown type-ahead.

In Flowhub, 'Products' represent all potential items a store can carry within the Infused Products (Edibles & Non-Edibles), Concentrates, and Accessories categories. Bulk and prepackaged flower are added directly to Inventory when you receive the package at the store.