Book an appointment using SetMore Flowhub | Printer Troubleshooting

Printer Troubleshooting


  • Ensure printer has power and is turned on
  • Ensure printer is connected to the computer with a USB cord
  • Add printers to your PC in “Devices and Printers” or add them to your Mac using “System Preferences”

PC’s Only:

  • Configure Advanced Printer Properties so that default media is “72mm x Receipt” for receipt printers
  • Ensure Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is installed and up to date
  • Ensure Adobe is set as default application for pdf files
  • Open sample pdf and set to Portrait Orientation and Actual Size Scaling
  • Test print pdf files from Adobe


  • Ensure Flowhub is installed and up-to-date
  • Access taskbar at the top of Flowhub app by pressing Alt on PC or hovering mouse at top on Mac
  • In the Devices/Printers drop-down, set the correct printers for Receipts and for Labels
  • Test your work by re-printing the labels and/or receipts from a previous transaction in the Adjustments tab of Flowhub