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A drawer represents the physical register or till used to check out customers. The number of drawers you create on Flowhub can match the number of registers you use in the dispensary. Before setting up drawers, make sure you have created your rooms.  

Successful dispensaries assign one bud tender to each drawer.  This provides you with complete transparency and allows you to track down any monetary discrepancies at the close of your business day. If a budtender leaves their drawer for lunch, please have them clock out and remove them from the drawer.

If you need to manage people during the day switching between drawers, you can assign a lead budtender or manager with "manage drawers permissions" and can add and remove team members in real time. 

If you need a budtender to sell from multiple registers: assign the budtender to each drawer then, at the time of sale, the budtender will be prompted to select the correct drawer. 

How to create a drawer

  1. Select Drawers from the Sidebar Navigation (Left)
  2. Select the "+" button  in the Top Navigation Bar
  3. Name the drawer (Med 1, Rec 1, Top Shelf, etc) 
  4. Select the Room (only inventory from the assigned room will appear for sale in the drawer) 
  5. Choose Med, Rec, or Both
  6. Click Add Drawer
At the start of each day or shift, a budtender or manager will open a drawer and count the beginning cash.

How to open a Drawer:

  1. Select Drawers from left sidebar navigation
  2. Select the Drawer you’d like to open, and then click Count & Open
  3. Enter the totals of each coin and dollar denomination
    • You will see the total starting balance displayed under the denomination fields
  4. Add any notes, if applicable
  5. Click Open Cash Drawer
Note:  If a budtender opens & counts, they are automatically assigned to the drawer. A manager can then assign other employees to that drawer if need be. As a best practice, have a manager review and assign all employees to appropriate drawers at the beginning of each day.  This way budtenders will only sell inventory for the particular drawer to which they have been associated and helps you track sales, cash drawer totals, and adds accountability to each transaction.

There is no limit to the number of managers or budtenders assigned to drawers.  Even if multiple people are selling from a drawer, the sales will always be connected to one cashier (via their employee pin) for tracking purposes. This happens when the cashier enters their PIN number before completing the transaction. 

If you are assigned to multiple drawers, ensure you select the proper drawer you are selling from. Flowhub's smart cart will pop this additional field up for you in your checkout flow, just make it a routine to double check the drawer! 

To add an employee to a drawer:

  1. Select Drawers from the left sidebar navigation
  2. Select the "+" button
  3. A dropdown will show employees available to assign to that drawer for the day or shift
  4. Click the Employee to be assigned to the drawer
  5. Repeat these steps to add additional cashiers to one drawer.​

Notes:  Employees with the manage drawers permission can view the total sales on that drawer throughout the day. Managers can also see the individual cashier sales by selecting the drawer and navigating to the details section in the right sidebar navigation. Those without this permission, do not see total sales. 

How to edit a drawer:

  1. Ensure drawer you want to edit is closed
  2. Select drawers from Left Navigation Bar
  3. Select the drawer you wish to edit from main screen 
  4. Click edit in the right sidebar menu
  5. Edit details and save

Note: You need to have manage drawer permissions to get this setup. Ask a manager to do this if you are not able, or learn more about permissions here.

Closing your Drawer:
At the end of each day or shift, a budtender or manager needs to confirm cash and debit totals are correct, and close the drawers.

  • Managers will count, close, and review drawers.
  • Budtenders will count drawers blind and submit them for review.  

Please count all drawers down to zero at the end of the night.  You do not need to use the drop or payout button when closing drawers.  If your SOP is to leave the open value in the drawer, you can then count and re add it to the drawer either that night or in the morning. 

The three scenarios are below: 

Closing a drawer as a Budtender:

  1. Select drawers from left sidebar navigation
  2. Select the drawer you intend to close from the main screen
  3. Select the details tab in the right side navigation
  4. Select submit for review
  5. Manually count your final cash totals and enter each coin and dollar denomination of your ending balance. Make sure you count down to 0. 
  6. Add any relevant notes
  7. Select "Submit Drawer For Review"

Note: The drawer is now pending and an employee with the manager drawers permission can confirm the totals and close the drawer.

Reviewing a drawer as a Manager:

  1. Select drawers from left sidebar navigation
  2. Locate any drawers that show the blue pending status on the main screen
  3. Select the drawer from the main screen
  4. Select the details tab from the right sidebar navigation
  5. Review the counted totals submitted and notes submitted by the budtender
  6. Compare the expected cash (upper left corner) with the actual cash (lower right corner) 
  7. If they match, close the drawer, if something is incorrect, recount and update the cash denomination
  8. Confirm the debit total
  9. Add any relevant notes
  10. Select close cash drawer


Closing a drawer as a Manager:

  1. Select the drawer you intend to close 
  2. Select the details tab from the right sidebar navigation
  3. Select close drawer
  4. Count and enter cash totals down to zero
  5. With manager permissions, you do not have to have a review, you may just close the drawer