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Using Flowhub as a Budtender

This page covers how to use Flowhub as a Budtender. Start by watching this short video, and then checkout the sections below for more info

Clock In/ Out

If applicable, an employee should begin and end each shift by clocking in/out through the Flowhub app. If you have an employee who does not need to clock in, set them up with the "salary permission" so they do not have to do so. 


There are two ways to clock in/out.

  1. From the login screen, select the Log-in & Clock-in button. The employee is now free to begin working in the system
  2. For an already logged in user, select Clock-in from the Bottom Navigation Menu.


Customer Queue:

When a customer is checked into Flowhub they are automatically added into the Queue.

  1. To locate and manage the queue, select "Cashier" from the left sidebar navigation.
  2. The queue is housed in the right sidebar navigation.
  3. You can see the customer name, state, age, and wait time from the queue. 
  4. When the customer comes to the counter, the cashier will preform the second ID check and select their name

You can utilize icons next to customers names to understand who is who.  Each drawer is assigned a designation of rec, med, or both.  This means a cashier may only see certain customer types depending on the drawer they are assigned to.  Not seeing the right customers? Click here to learn how to change a drawer setting and make sure the customer is in the right side of the store (med or rec) 

The X button on the right removes the the customer from the queue, prompting the budtender for a reason for leaving. 

You also have complete control over the customers checkout process from the sub menu (three dots located next to their name) that will give you the following options: 

  • Clear cart: items will be added back to inventory. 
  • Move back to queue (keep cart): inventory items will be held so you cannot oversell
  • Close cart & leave: clears customer out and puts inventory back in stock
  • Purchase history: shows the last 5 transactions for med customers
  • Refund previous purchase: you need their receipt number (if they do not have this, look up in adjustments)
  • Sell and Inspect Gift cards: you can choose to accept them, if you prefer
  • Print compliance label: you can reprint labels here, if needed

Note: If at any time a customer has items in their cart, and you select the move back to queue option, that inventory is held by Flowhub's smart cart and cannot be sold to another customer, preventing overselling inventory.  When checking a customer out, if you ever find the checkout button disappears, ​be sure to double check the customer is not over their gram limit.  If it is a med member or patient, make sure their plant count is set properly you can do this when editing or checking them in from the left sidebar navigation "customers tab"

Checking a customer into the queue:

A customer enters your dispensary and is funneled into the queue after being checked in on the NUG, or entered in manually using your Flowhub app. If a customer leaves after your initial ID check you can remove them right from the NUG or queue to ensure you keep your queue reflect customers in the store.  If you are using specials for discounts that are linked to customer groups, be sure to add customers to appropriate groups so these automatically apply. 

When the customer approaches your register, perform the second ID check and select the customer nae in the queue (right side of your screen).

Flowhub's smart queue will only show you customers who are checked into MED or REC depending on the drawer(s) you are assigned to.  If you do not see a customer in the queue, make sure they are in the right part of the dispensary / checked in as the right type of customer.  If you are still not able to locate the customer, make sure
 the budtender is assigned to proper drawer(s) (either med or rec). 

Now you're ready to check the customer out. 

Selling to a customer:

When adding inventory to a customers cart, you can scan it or add it manually with the plus button.  If you are running out of an item, and have inventory in your back room and move it to the floor from the main screen.  As you start to add items to a cart, you will see a triangle appear on the left of each item.  Click this and the item will expand with a "details, inline discount, remove" buttons.  You will also see any time an item has a discount applied, whether inline or from a special, the tag discount item will appear right next to the price:

When you click checkout, the the system will auto printing your labels and receipts.  You do not have to take any action.  If you need to reprint a label on a sale, you can do so from the details tab in adjustments.

The cart will prompt you for all information and if you ever notice your checkout button disappears, be sure to double check the customer is not over their legal limit. If they are, remove items from their cart until the gram limit is acceptable and the checkout button will reappear. 

Should a customer have a long wait, or you need to make an exception and extend a happy hour or early bird special, Flowhub makes this easy with inline discounts.  You only have access to this if you are set up with manager permissions.  

How to add an inline discount:

  1. Select Cashier from the Side Navigation (Left)
  2. Select customer from the right navigation menu
  3. Click the triangle next to the item in their cart you want to discount 
  4. Enter the dollar amount or percentage you want to take off
  5. Enter your reason (ie = long wait) 
  6. Click apply

Gift Cards:

Gift Cards are awesome, people love to buy them for friends and loved ones. With Flowhub, Gift Cards are easily sold, redeemed, and managed.

Let's sell a customer a gift card: 

  1. Add the Customer from the Queue to the Cart
  2. Select Sell Gift Card from submenu next to customers' name
  3. Enter Gift Card ID# and Dollar amount of the Gift Card
  4. Add Gift Card to Cart
  5. Proceed with checkout

Note: Taxes are not applied when purchasing gift cards.

Let's have a customer redeem a gift card: 

  1. Add inventory to the cart

  2. Select Check out near the bottom right corner of green checkout box
  3. Select the Use Gift Card link
  4. Add the Gift Card ID, the amount available will auto populate
  5. You will then either see the remaining total due or that the gift card covered the total amount of the cart
  6. Add your pin, and click Accept

Let's inspect a customers gift card: 

  1. Add the customer from the Queue to a Cart
  2. Select the customer sub menu (three dots by their name)
  3. Select "Inspect gift cart"
  4. Add the card number and the total remaining on the card will be displayed
If a customer leaves after you scan their ID, but they do not buy anything as the ID checker you can manage and remove them from the queue.  This helps your budtenders know they no longer need assistance. 

Let's remove customers from the NUG: 

  1. Swipe left to see the queue on the NUG 
  2. Select the customer name 
  3. Swipe Left as you would on your iPhone 
  4. Click the remove button 

Processing a credit card transaction:

At Flowhub, we recommend processing the card though your machine first, before you enter in the card details to Flowhub (last 4 digits, amount, pin).

If you need to split a payment between cards, simply process the payment as two transactions on your machine, and enter the total as one transaction on Flowhub.  

We are working to integrate split payments into our system now, thanks for your patience! 

If you need to split a payment between a card and cash, you will need to have two separate transactions on Flowhub. 

Processing Refunds:

Refunds are always shown as an option when checking a customer out in the submenu.  

While Flowhub supports refunds with a receipt, your store policies may vary and you are not required to utilize this option.

Let's issue a refund:

  1. Check customer into queue
  2. Select the customer sub menu from the upper right corner by their name
  3. Select "refund previous purchase" 
  4. Scan or enter receipt ID  ( either the customer copy or a copy stored in adjustments ) 
  5. Select Lookup and locate the items to refund
  6. If the item is re-sellable, selecting this option will add the item back into the master inventory database.
  7. If no other items are added to the cart, add a negative dollar amount (or leave it blank) when processing the cash or card for the refund owed.
Customer does not have their receipt?  No worries, click here to learn how to still issue a refund

How to Void a transaction:

Mistakes happen...and when those mistakes happen you may need to completely void out a transaction. Flowhub makes this easy! Void out a transaction in a few easy steps:
  1. In the left sidebar navigation select Adjustments
  2. In the top navigation select 'Adjust Sales'
  3. Find and select the sale which you wish to void
  4. In the right sidebar Navigation select the 'Details' tab
  5. Select 'Void'
  6. Confirm 'Yes'
Once this is completed:
  • The sale (package tag, quantity sold, sales in dollars) will be removed from the METRC csv report
  • The cash or card collected is removed from 'Drawers'
  • Sales Reports will now include a 'Void' column, and total sales will be less the void.
  • Quantities will automatically correct within the inventory section
  • Voided sales will remain in adjustments and will be denoted with a red bar strikeout, and details can be found in the 'Details' tab in right sidebar navigation

Payouts and Drops:

If a drawer becomes too physically full or the value is greater than you wish to be accessible you can remove cash from the drawer while still considering it revenue for the day.  At Flowhub, this is referred to as a "Drop" and at the end of the day looks like: total cash in the drawer + amount dropped = expected cash.

If you need to remove money, and you will be subtracting the amount from your total sales this is referred to as a "Payout." This is done when paying suppliers, bills, etc using money in your till. 

Below outlines the steps to do both: 

How to make a Drop:

Still considering amount removed revenue for the day

  1. Select Cashier from the Side Navigation (Left)
  2. Select the open drawer you are taking a payout from
  3. From the Details tab in the Side Navigation (Right) select Drop/Payouts
  4. Select Drop from the dropdown
  5. Enter the amount physically taken from the drawer, enter your pin number, a reason
  6. Select Submit


How to make a Payout: 

This is not tied to a transaction or revenue

  1. Select Cashier from the Side Navigation (Left)
  2. Select the open drawer you are taking a payout from
  3. From the Details tab in the Side Navigation (Right) select Drop/Payouts
  4. Select payout from the dropdown
  5. Enter the amount physically taken from the drawer, enter your pin number, a reason, and then select Submit