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A supplier is any entity that provides inventory to the dispensary. If the supplier provides cannabis infused inventory, they must have a license number. All suppliers must be entered into the system including non-cannabis suppliers as well as the source of your Bulk and Prepackaged Flower.

You will do this from the Company Management level - meaning you will only need to upload this once for all your stores.  

All store locations can receive products from suppliers once they have been added to Company Management.
 Below is an example of greatly detailed suppliers: 


How to Add a Supplier

Suppliers and vendors provide inventory to your stores. You can add each of your suppliers once at Company Management they will be available to each of your store locations.

  • Select Manage > Company Management from the Bottom Navigation Menu
  • Select Suppliers from the manage dropdown in the Top Navigation Bar
  • Select the "+" button in upper right corner
  • Fill in all the information about your Suppliers (license(s), the types of products they supply, and their contact information)
  • Upload and name files to each supplier
    • Note: If you chose to add Nutrients to the Supplier, they will print on inventory specific labels

How to Edit a Supplier

  1. Select company management from bottom user menu 
  2. Select manage menu >> suppliers from upper navigation bar
  3. Select the supplier you would like to edit
  4. Select details tab from right menu
  5. Edit suppliers details
  6. Select submit

Supplier Documents

With Flowhub, it's easy to organize all your supplier documents and store them on our servers.  You can store the following documents: 
  • Contracts 
  • Supplier License
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Rates
In order to store or edit these documents, you need company management permissions.