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*OMMA Monthly Report Guide

OMMA Monthly Reporting Guide

In an effort to better assist our Oklahoma clients, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide on how to successfully report to the OMMA for each monthly period. By following these steps, you should hopefully experience a more efficient method of obtaining the required information and being better prepared before even navigating to the OMMA portal. 

Flowhub Reports 

To get started, you’ll want to make sure you have the necessary permissions in order to run the necessary reports for the OMMA. These consist of the following: Access Reports and Report Admin.  If you do not have the permissions necessary to run the OMMA related reports, please reach out to a manager or your Flowhub administrator.  

If you haven’t already done so, we’d recommend Scheduling the OMMA Report that is found in Reports NEW (accessed from the web-based version of Flowhub Classic at 

For more information on how to Schedule this report, click here. Scheduling the report on a monthly basis means you won’t have to manually run the report each time and can have it automatically delivered to your email or any additional employee emails. That way, you’ll have the bulk of the retail portions of the OMMA portal ready on the first of each month. 

Flowhub’s OMMA Report includes the following: 

  • Sales Weight (lbs) & Count (units) for each category/customer type
  • Beginning inventory for the month
  • Ending inventory for the month
The OMMA Report pulls the counts for Concentrates. If you use Extract as the Type of concentrate, you’ll receive a count for Extracts as well.

In the OMMA Portal, ‘Edibles’ is the only category that requires a Weight AND COUNT to be entered. The rest of the categories require a Weight OR Count. Because of this, the OMMA Report provides the weight and count for edibles and either a weight OR count for the remaining categories. For values not required by the OMMA portal, the OMMA Report displays 0’s in those fields.  This does not mean that the value is zero, rather that the cell is NULL and not required for OMMA reporting.

You’ll also need to run the following reports to compile the remaining information: 
  • End of Day CSV Version
    • This is a Sales Report you can create in Reports if you do not already have it built. This report is used to supplement the End of Day PDF in the event of your drawer(s) not being closed for the evening. You can run this report to find the Total Medical Cannabis Sales by selecting the date range of the month.
    • The total medical cannabis sales is displayed as “Sales Cannabis Products Med” included in the totals at the bottom of the report. Please use the after tax amount. 
  • Tax PDF Report 
    • This report is used to find the total amount of the 7% Medical Marijuana Tax collected for the month 
  • Inventory Activity Report
    • In order to find the Total Marijuana Purchased from a Licensed Grower/Processor, you can run an Inventory Activity report and filter by the operation Add. This allows you to see all products added into your Flowhub inventory over the course of the month. Please use the Supplier Name and/or Source License fields to determine whether the added inventory is from a licensed processor or grower 
    • This sales report will display the weight totals in grams. In order to convert to pounds, divide the gram total by 453.592. 
Please reference the Report Templates at the end of this article for screenshots regarding the CSV reports

Monthly Workflow 

Each month, we’d recommend following the steps below to efficiently gather all of the above information before you navigate to the OMMA portal. That way, you’ll have all of the reports on hand and ready to go.  
  • Step 1: 
    • Schedule the OMMA Report from Reports NEW to have it delivered to your email with a frequency of Monthly. You’ll receive the report on the first of each month and will simply need to confirm by checking your Inbox.
  • Step 2: 
    • Run the End of Day CSV Replacement and choose the date range of the desired month. To see your Total Medical Cannabis Sales for the month, scroll down to the bottom and reference the line for Sales Cannabis Products Med. This field is strictly for cannabis and does not include accessories. 
  • Step 3: 
    • Run the Tax PDF report and choose the date range of the desired month. We breakdown each tax in Flowhub so you’ll be able to see the amount of tax collected for the 7% Medical Marijuana sales.
  • Step 4: 
    • Run the Inventory Activity report and choose the date range of the desired month as well as selecting the Operation for Add. You can reference both the Supplier and Source License fields to determine which suppliers are Growers or Processors and use the Quantity field for the items added during the month.
    • Please keep in mind that the category ‘Edibles’ require weight AND count to be reported to the OMMA. The weight displayed in the Inventory activity report is unit based and needs to be multiplied by the quantity to find the total weight in grams added over the course of the reporting period. Once grams is found, convert to pounds and enter in the lb total into the OMMA portal.

Report Templates 

Please reference the below screenshots for our outline of the three additional reports you can create in Flowhub.

End of Day CSV Version

Inventory Activity Report