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Flowhub’s new Stash App™ allows users to manage their dispensary’s inventory without being tethered to a computer. The Stash app allows increased visibility into your dispensary’s inventory activity by allowing the user to manage their inventory straight from the palm of their hand through three primary functions.

The following article provides step by step instructions on how to audit inventory, transfer inventory between locations, and move inventory between rooms all within Stash.

First things first, you will need to log in to the app. Your username and password for the Stash app are the same credentials you use to log in to the Flowhub Point of Sale. If you experience any login issues, please feel free to click the following
link or reach out to our Product Support team at 844-FLOWHUB


Audit Inventory

Once you successfully signed into the Stash app, you will be greeted with the Stash app home page. In order to begin an audit click Audit Inventory from the menu.

Choose a product to audit: This can be done most easily by scanning the physical inventory item SKU or package tag with the NUG. You can also search for products by filtering the inventory by category and room. The Categories and Room filters are located near the top of the inventory listing. In order to filter by either the category or room, simply click the dropdown, select the desired category or room and select the product you wish to audit. Inventory will appear in the listed in order by last audit date.

With the audit feature, you have the option to batch select inventory to audit multiple items at the same time. Simply check the blank bubble for as many inventory items you wish to audit and press the Audit Items button below. You will then be directed to this screen displaying the inventory items awaiting audit.



For each inventory item, you will be able to see when it was last audited. If it has never been audited before, the SKU as well as the package tag, the room where the inventory item is located and the expected quantity. To confirm the inventory quantity, simply click Confirm. If in your audit you find a discrepancy between the physical quantity of the audited item and the Flowhub quantity select QTY IS OFF, enter the new quantity and a reason for the discrepancy. The Stash app also provides a free text field to submit any vital information for the submitted discrepancy.


Once a discrepancy has been submitted, you will notice the product will appear grayed out within the STASH application. Below the product information, located immediately to the left of the Last Audited date, the status of the submitted discrepancy will appear as “Discrepancy Under Review”.


All Discrepancies must be approved on the Flowhub web browser by an Employee with the Manage Inventory permission. For more information about permissions, please click here.

Once the discrepancy is submitted, a yellow notification will appear on the Stash app's home screen informing you a discrepancy is awaiting approval. Select the notification to either accept or reject the discrepancy.


This new screen will display both the old and new count for the submitted discrepancy. After reviewing the submitted discrepancy either select Approve or Reject.

Discrepancies can also be approved or rejected from the Flowhub browser.
Click the following
link for instructions on how to approve or reject the submitted discrepancy from the Flowhub browser.

After the discrepancy has been approved, the quantity of the item will be accurately represented on STASH as within the inventory tab on your desktop.

Transfer between locations

The transfer feature allows users to transfer Flowhub inventory from one location to another. In order to begin a transfer, navigate back to the home screen and select Transfer Between Locations. Like the audit app, inventory items can be searched by simply scanning the SKU or package tag assigned to the product or manually searching for the product using the category and room filters. Multiple packages can easily be transferred at once by checking the blank bubble located next to the inventory item for transfer and selecting the green transfer button located on the bottom of the Stash app. 


Select the transfer location from the Select location dropdown. Locations receiving shipments must be set up on the same backend regs as the shipping location. If the location you are attempting to transfer to appears grayed out, please contact Flowhub product support at 844-FLOWHUB. 

In order to change the quantity being transferred, simply click Change next to the inventory item and submit the new quantity. If you do not submit a change in the transferred quantity, the default will include the entire package total. 

Once the location and transfer quantity have been entered, click the blue Transfer button located at the bottom of the Stash app to submit the transfer. 

Once an inventory item is transferred to the new location, you will NOT need to import the package from the packages tab.

Move Between Rooms

The Stash app allows inventory to easily be moved from room to room through the Move feature. In order to begin a move, navigate over to the Stash app home page and select Move Between Rooms. Simply scan the SKU or the package ID to locate the inventory item needing to be moved or manually locate the product or products. Like the audit and transfer features products can be filtered by the category and room filters and moved in batches. To move multiple inventory items, check the blank bubble located next to the product and select the green Move Items button on the bottom. 


First, select the room from the Destination Room Dropdown. Once the destination room is selected, set the quantity being moved by clicking Change and submitting the desired quantity to be moved. When both the room and quantities have been determined, select Move at the bottom of your screen. You will receive the following confirmation that the inventory items have been moved to the requested room. 


Q: If not completed or submitted, are the progress of my audits, transfers, or moves saved?

A: Yes, navigating back to the home page before pending audits have been submitted will display the quantity of these pending audits in the green bubble to the right of “Audit Inventory”.

However,  navigating to another part of the app by selecting either the Transfer Between locations, Move Between Rooms, or Audit Inventory while will bring you to the following screen: 

In order to keep your data clean, the Stash app will remove any pending audits, moves or transfers if you navigate to a separate part of Stash. These items will need to be re-scanned if you want to continue to audit, move, or transfer the pending product.

Q: What if I accidentally select an item I don't want to Audit, Move, or Transfer?

A: If you accidentally select an item you don't want to audit, transfer, or move, simply deselect the checkbox or swipe left to return to the home page and navigate to another part of the app to abandon the pending action.