Book an appointment using SetMore Flowhub | METRC API Key


In order for employees to be able to push sales to METRC via API, that user must generate a new API key within their METRC account. Once the key is created, that API key can be linked in their Flowhub employee profile.

Generating a new API Key within METRC 

API key's must first be generated within your METRC account. Please use the following steps in order to create the METRC API key: 

1. Login to your METRC account 
2. Select the down arrow located by your account name 
3. Click API Keys In order from the dropdown 
4. Select New API Key from this new window to generate the new API Key

Adding your new METRC API Key into Flowhub  

Now that you have generated your new API key, login to your Flowhub account and click the Employees tab.

Within the Employees tab select your name from the employee's listing, scroll down on the Details panel on the right hand side, and click Change API Key

A new window titled, 'Change Your API Key' will allow you to paste your new API key into the first text field. Enter your Flowhub password and select Update API Key to confirm.