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Optimizing your Packages

We've recently launched a few improvements to our Import Packages feature that will help optimize your inventory management and workflow.

New Features and Interface
When users navigate to the Packages tab and select Get from Metrc, the available packages will now persist in the system until the user selects Get from Metrc again. Previously, if the user navigated away from the Packages tab, the data would be removed and they would need to select the Get from Metrc option again.

Retaining the package data allows the user to pull from Metrc and freely move throughout Flowhub without needing to re-sync with Metrc. Additionally, when a single user selects the Get from Metrc option, all users with the Import Packages permission will now have access to the available packages. 

To reduce the amount of time it takes to display your packages, we've provided an option to select your license type, if applicable, as shown below. 


If a different user selects the Get from Metrc option, Flowhub will display the name and timestamp of the previous user who selected that option. 


You'll also notice a new column: Pulled From Metrc. This will give users an indication of how recently the Get From Metrc button was selected. 

Since we're now housing the package data after the Get from Metrc option is selected, you may encounter these scenarios:
  • An item is manually added on the Inventory page and not from the Import Packages page
  • The quantity of a package is adjusted in Metrc after the user selects the Get from Metrc option
  • The package is set to Inactive/Finished after the user selects the Get from Metrc option 
For the first scenario, Flowhub will display a message stating the package is already in your inventory if a user tries to import that package after it was manually added. 

For the second scenario, Flowhub will display a message indicating if the package has been finished in Metrc, ensuring your Flowhub data remains true to your Metrc inventory. 

For the third scenario, the Packages tab will update the quantity of the package in one of two different cases:
  • The user selects the Import as Inventory option > the quantity will automatically adjust according to the most up to date Metrc data
  • The user selects Get from Metrc > the package information and quantities will refresh according to the most up to date Metrc data 

Our Recommended Best Practice

To efficiently streamline your inventory management with these new features, we'd recommend following these steps: 
  1. Determine how frequently you'll be importing new inventory: daily, every other day, weekly, etc
  2. Select the Get From Metrc button at the beginning or end of the day you have chosen to import your packages.
    1. Note: ideally, the Packages feature will be used after your daily sales have been reported to ensure your Metrc is up to date.
  3. Import packages as needed.
  4. Run the METRC Discrepancy Report after you have completed importing your packages. This will help identify any issues such as duplicate or incorrect packages.
  5. Determine if any packages need to be added manually on the Inventory screen, ex. items with multiple decimal places - once done, select Get from Metrc to update the available packages