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Price Management Matrix - Questions to Consider Before Adding a Matrix

Thinking of adding a Price Management Matrix to your Company Management in Flowhub? Consider these questions to see if this feature is a good fit for your dispensary:
  • Do you utilize customer groups in Flowhub to build group-based Specials?
    • Are you actively adding new customers to groups in Flowhub?
    • Do you use multiple specials for the same customer groups?
    • Are you looking to consolidate specials based on the different customer groups?
  • Are you looking for more granularity with product margins and group-based pricing?
    • Do you have multiple locations where product costs and prices vary?
    • Are you looking for more control for setting prices for high selling products?
    • Would you like to vary product margins for certain customer groups or locations?​
  • ​​Does your inventory have distinct Med vs. Rec pricing? If so, are you having trouble establishing the ‘right price’ for specific customer types/groups?​
  • Are you looking to establish a static price for certain products/brands without having to use specials?
Once you've determined the Price Management Matrix is right for your operation, give Product Support a call at 844.FLOWHUB x1 to enable this feature.