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Price Management Matrix

The Price Management Matrix is a feature in Company Management that allows you to have more granular control over your product margins and pricing for your product catalog.  We recommend reviewing, Questions to Consider Before Adding a Matrixto determine if this feature is the right fit for you.

Once you've determined the Price Management Matrix is right for your operation, give Product Support a call at 844.FLOWHUB x1 to enable this feature.  

To begin, you’ll need these permissions:

Next, head to Manage > Company Management and select Location Groups from the Manage drop-down menu. Click the + button to create a new Location Group.

Here you can group specific locations based on your internal structure. When a location is added to a group, it will no longer be an option to select when creating a new group.

Once all of your desired locations have been grouped together, you are ready to move to the Matrix Blueprint. From the drop-down menu select Price/Cost Matrix. Next, click the Manage Blueprint button in the upper right corner. The first screen in the blueprint will allow you to add your Location Groups and your Customer Groups. This will determine how many rows your Matrix will have.

The next screen will allow you to add/remove the combinations of Location Groups and Customer Groups for your Matrix. The last screen will show you the completed blueprint of your Matrix. If everything is correct, click Save.

Once the blueprint is set, you can add the different Matrices for your products. To do so, click the + button in the upper right and enter the Name, Category, and Default Price/Cost. The Default Price/Cost fields will be used if a text field on the next screen is left blank.

The next screen will allow you to enter the Price and Cost fields for each combination of Location Groups and Customer Groups. You’ll notice the Margin field updates instantly when these fields are changed. Once all of the fields are entered, click Save.

Now you can add your newly created Matrices to your products. Click Manage > Company Management and ensure you’re on the Products tab. You can then use the Bulk Edit Products feature to select all of the desired products to modify. Select your products and click Edit. Click into the ‘Price/Cost Matrix’ field and select the desired Matrix and click Save.

Once you’ve saved your Matrix, it will appear in Company Management > Price/Cost Matrix. Highlight your Matrix and click the Publish button to activate it for live sales. Users have full control over activating the different Matrices, click the Unpublish button if you ever need to deactivate a Matrix.