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Taxes by Supplier (micro-businesses)

For states that require taxes to be applied based on the ‘micro-business’ status of the supplier, Flowhub allows you to identify which suppliers are vertically integrated and then applies the appropriate taxes in the cart. 

To set up micro-business taxes for specific Suppliers within Flowhub, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Suppliers: Manage > Company Management > Suppliers and select or create a supplier that is a vertically integrated ‘micro-business’

Check the box under ‘Supplier is part of Retailer’s Company’

Navigate to Taxes: Manage > Location Management > Taxes

Select the applicable tax and check ‘Applies ONLY when the supplier is a micro-business’

Flowhub will now apply the above tax rate for all products associated to Suppliers that have been identified as a ‘micro-businesses’.