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How do I set up automated reports?

Auto-Run and Schedule Reports

In Reports Beta, you’ll now be able to schedule reports to be run automatically at different frequencies, which you can receive via email or auto-upload to an FTP site.

Now you won’t have to manually run reports. You won’t even have to login!

To setup a scheduled report, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Reports Beta

    1. Use Chrome, NOT the Flowhub Desktop app.

  2. Select an existing report

  1. Click “Schedule Report”

    1. Decide which frequency 


What That Means


Example Scenario


Report runs every hour for each day and includes data for the previous hour.

Report received at 11:01am, includes data from 10-11am.

Sales, Sales by Item


Report runs each morning and includes data for the day

Report received on Tuesday, with data for Monday.

Inventory, Drawer Activities


Report runs Monday morning and includes data for the week prior (Mon-Sun).

Reports received on Monday with data for the Monday- Sunday beforehand

Discount Usage


Report runs on the 1st of the month for the month prior

Report received on Sunday, July 1st with data for June 1-30


  1. Select how you want to receive those files

    1. Email

      1. Files will be emailed to the email addresses entered at the frequency selected

    2. FTP

      1. Files will be automatically upload to your FTP server

      2. ***We’ll need your FTP server information BEFOREHAND***.

        1. After your FTP server is setup, then please call Flowhub Product Support to schedule reports via FTP.

Example of how reports will be received via email.