Book an appointment using SetMore Flowhub | How do I edit open carts?

How do I edit open carts?

To enable this new feature, managers will need a new permission “Edit Open Carts.”

Queue Display & Filters

Currently, the queue displays:

  • Customers NOT being actively checked out by a budtender
  • Med or Rec customers depending on which drawer you’re assigned to

Users with the new “Edit Open Carts” permission will be able to see ALL customers in the queue along with the name of the user checking out each customer.   

 During busy times of the day, the queue will become overwhelming so we added a filter so managers can clearly see:

Customers being checked out

Customers waiting in line


Manager Enters a Cart Remotely

With the “Edit Open Carts” permission, managers will be able to enter carts that are already open. Budtenders will NOT have to move the customer back & forth to the queue.

 And when a manager enters a cart, the Budtender will be notified.

Manager Exits a Cart

Similarly, Budtenders will be notified when a manager exits their cart.

“Assign to Drawer” Prompt

With this new permission, managers do NOT need to be assigned to drawers to to make changes to an open cart.

If the manager wants to complete a sale, then the system will prompt the manager to assign him/herself to a drawer so that sale is logged correctly.

Discount Usage Report in Reports Beta

This new report is VERY similar to the existing one, with a few improvements:

  • With this new permission, the employee that applied a discount could be different than the employee that completed the sale, so we add a “Discount Applied By” field to the report.

    • The “Discount Applied By” is the user that applied the discount to a single item in the cart.

  • A field for “Discount Type” displays as well, so you know exactly how a discount was applied (in-line vs. auto-apply vs. coupon code).