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Import Packages from Metrc

Import Packages as Inventory

Our new Import Packages feature gives inventory managers the ability to “import”, or add, Metrc packages to your inventory right into Flowhub.

This functionality lives in Packages, a new section of the app only accessible to users who have the Import Packages permission. 

Once you click into the Packages view, Flowhub will use your API Key to look into Metrc and grab any package that: 

  1. Does not currently exist in your Flowhub inventory

  2. Does not currently have a quantity of zero

  If you need to set up your Metrc API key in Flowhub click the 'Employees' tab >  Find and select your name > Click 'Change API Key' > and paste your Metrc API key into the API Key field

Once your packages have loaded, select one and click Import as Inventory. Any information in Metrc will be auto-populated. This includes:

  1. Package tag
  2. Batch date
  3. Batch number
  4. Product Category
  5. Total package weight

Information NOT in metrc will need to be entered before importing into your store's inventory (i.e. price, cost, etc)

You’ll also notice that this process is exactly like adding inventory, except some of the fields are already filled out for you. Note: if a field is missing data, like batch date for example, it means that data was absent in Metrc.

For packages that contain more than one product you’ll need to give the product a quantity and room assignment, and click Save & Add More Product. This will allow you to import multiple different products to your inventory under one package tag.


Once a package has been imported, you can find it in your inventory.

  Important Notes:
  • The Packages view does not contain an activity log. To see Import activities, navigate to inventory and click on activity.

  • You cannot partially import a package. In the example above, if I were to close or refresh my browser at this step, I would need to go back to packages and start the process over.

  • Flowhub will also grab supplier, batch date, and batch number off your Metrc package, if available