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Flowhub POS App Download

You can access your Flowhub account two ways:
  1. Chrome Browser - go to 
  2. Flowhub Executable App
You must run the downloadable app on any computer that will be completing transactions. The app communicates with your printer to ensure that your receipts and labels auto print at the time of transaction. If you do not plan to run transactions, the browser will work great! This means you can access your reports, create new products, etc from home, or wherever you are working. 

Downloading the App:
  • Go to
  • Click on the appropriate download based on your computer type
    • For Windows:
      • If you are not sure whether you are 32 or 64-bit, you can find out by opening the search in the lower left of your PC, and search for "About". You will find a specs page that tells you about your device, including the Operating System. 
  • Once the file has downloaded, install it. 
    • For Windows: 
      • Before you install - make sure to disable any firewall and anti-virus applications on your computer. 
  • Once the file has completed installation, open it. You will be asked for your Client Name (one time). Your client name will be given to you during onboarding. After your client name is entered, you will be prompted to log in. 
After downloading your app: 
  1. Add your app to the start menu at the bottom of the screen. 
  2. Use your POS as a full screen application by clicking F11
  3. If your computer freezes, click F5 to refresh 
  4. Need to get to your browser? Click the Windows tab on your keyboard to pull up the start menu. 
  5. Switch between your POS and other open windows on your machine by holding down "Alt" key and clicking the "tab" button. 

Troubleshooting Mac:
When trying to install the app on your Mac, if you see the following error:

Fear not! This can be resolved using either method below:

Shorter method:
  1. Launch "Finder"
  2. Choose "Applications"
  3. Find the Flowhub app (the blue leaf logo) and two finger click it
  4. Choose "Open"
  5. Another pop-up will appear, choose "Open"
Longer method: 
  1. Launch System Preferences from the Apple  menu in the upper left of your screen. 
  2. Choose “Security & Privacy”, then click the “General” tab.
  3. Next, click the lock icon in the corner to unlock the settings, enter your Admin password.
  4. Look for “Allow applications downloaded from:” and choose “Anywhere”. 
  5. Accept the security warning and allow. 
  6. You can now launch any app from any location or developer. 

Troubleshooting PC:
If you see a JavaScript error when trying to install the app, it is likely that you still have some anti-virus or firewall blocking the installation. Check Windows Defender, and your Firewall settings. Once these have been disabled, re-download the App, and then try to re-install.