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Scale Integration

You can integrate your scale directly into the Flowhub cashier screen. Currently, we support 2 models:

In both cases, you must have a direct USB port in the back of the scale. If you only have a Serial Port, then you will need to purchase and install an add on:
  • A&D FXi-02 Quick USB Interface with Cable for Series FX-i and FX-iWP Precision Balance
    • Please search for this part online to find the best retailer for you. 
Once you have your scale, with the USB port installed, you can plug the scale into your computer's USB and it will be ready to go! On the cashier screen, when adding product to the cart:
  • Tare the scale to 0
  • Weigh your product on the scale
  • Place your cursor into the quantity field on the cashier screen
  • Hit the Print button on the scale
  • The amount will be transmitted to your quantity field!