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Adding Inventory

Inventory is the amount of a given product in one of your locations.

  • Inventory is specific to one location. 
  • Inventory is found under the Location Management tab. 
  • You cannot add inventory to your location until you have first created the product in your product catalog. 
  • Inventory can be added manually, or uploaded via a CSV file. 

For example, you might sell Cheeba Chew Sativa Chocolate Taffy - 10mg at each of your locations. This item would go into your Product Catalog. Later, when adding inventory, you will define how many you have at each of your locations.

*Please note that Flower Strains are not entered this way. All Flower is entered into your products by following these steps. Once your strains are created for Flower, the weights and amounts are defined using inventory! 

You can add Inventory to your account two ways:

  • CSV Upload
  • Manual add

Uploading your Inventory via CSV:
The fastest way to add inventory to your account is to fill in our CSV template, and then upload to your account. Below is a short video outlining how to manage this process. 

You can also follow these steps:
  • Click into the Inventory page in the left column. 
  • Click Upload CSV button in upper right.
  • In the right field, choose the category type you will be working on.
    • There are 8 total templates you can download:
      • Accessory, Clone, Concentrate, Edible, Flower - Bulk, Flower - Prepacked, Non-Edible, Seed
  • Click Get Template, and the file will download to your computer. 
  • Fill out the template with your inventory for this category.
  • Save as CSV file. 
  • Go back to the Upload CSV button on the Inventory page.
  • Choose the file you want to upload from the left field. 
  • Select the category type in the right field.
  • Click Upload
  • Repeat for all categories.

If you already have a location setup in Flowhub, and you are now entering inventory for an additional location, you can download the inventory from your current location to save time. Your product names, suppliers, license numbers, etc. (things that do not change with location) will be filled in for you. You will simply need to update the Quantity, Room, etc. (anything that will be different in the new store). 

Manual Add:

  1. Select Inventory from the Left Sidebar Navigation.
  2. Select the "+" button from the Top Navigation Bar.
  3. Select the category of inventory you are adding.
    • (This will dynamically update the fields required for the specific inventory type)
  4. Enter the information and save.
  5. If you need to print labels now, select the item from the main screen.
  6. Select details tab from right navigation. 
  7. Scroll to bottom and select "Print Label" 
  8. Place the label on each item
    • Note: Inventory Labels contain: name, price, METRC package tag, sku, barcode and any notes (added at the Supplier level) 

Note: Certain items like Bulk & Prepacked Flower, and Clones are not set up as a Products. Therefore, when you add your bulk flower as inventory (Left Navigation Menu) please ensure Strains, Suppliers, Price Profiles, and Rooms are all set up first. 

When adding inventory, Flowhub's smart inventory system will dynamically update as you select fields and enter details.  You will be seamlessly guided for pertinent information prompting you for company and location specific information. 

If you do not give a custom SKU, we will generate one for you when adding inventory. 

Ensure you know your company guidelines regarding "Batch Numbers".  (example: Use the Harvest batch number for bulk flower, or you can also use your own internal batching conventions.)

Tax calculations differ depending on if your suppliers are med or rec: be sure to select a supplier before editing the cost/pre-tax/post-tax fields.  Pre-tax price is required, post-tax is meant to be a helper / calculation. 

To change the prices of your inventory, you need to have Manage Inventory permissions. 

  1. Select Inventory from the left side bar navigation >> Click details from the right sidebar menu: 
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click edit >> Fill out and edit information >> Save

Using the search bar located near the left of the top navigation bar to search by either name, brand, SKU, invoice number or any other unique identifier.

The category icons, rooms, and med vs. rec dropdown can help narrow your list of results. 

Featured Inventory
A way to display featured inventory on the cashier page.

What inventory should I feature?

  • Best sellers
  • Inventory that expire soon
  • Inventory connected to the daily special
  • Excess inventory sitting in the backroom
  • Newly launched inventory

How to feature inventory:

  1. Select the Inventory page
  2. Search for inventory you wish you to feature
  3. Select the star icon, under the Featured column (far right)
  4. On Cashier page, select a medical patient and see the tiles update to reflect the medical featured inventory
  5. Then select a recreation customer and see the tiles update to reflect the recreational featured inventory
  6. Select the information icon to see inventory details and select the cart to add the featured inventory to the customer’s cart

Tips & Tricks:

  • If you serve both medical and recreational, feature up to 16 rec inventory items and 16 med inventory items.
  • If you only serve medical or recreational, feature up to 16 inventory items.
  • To feature inventory items must have a quantity greater than zero and must be in a For Sale room.
  • If a featured item sells out, the tile will no longer be visible on the cashier screen.
  • The Cashier search bar still works if items are featured, simply start typing to see your inventory search results appear.