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What is the difference between Products and Inventory?

When setting your Flowhub account, you will need to create both a Product Catalog, and your Inventory for each location. This article should help clarify the difference between the two:

Your Product Catalog is all of the items* that you may sell in any of your locations. 
  • Products are not specific to a location.
  • Products are applicable to your entire account (all locations). 
  • Products are found under the Company Management tab. 
  • Products can be added manually, or uploaded via a CSV file. 
Inventory is the amount of a given product in one of your locations.
  • Inventory is specific to one location. 
  • Inventory is found under the Location Management tab. 
  • You cannot add inventory to your location until you have first created the product in your product catalog. 
  • Inventory can be added manually, or uploaded via a CSV file. 
For example, you might sell Cheeba Chew Sativa Chocolate Taffy - 10mg at each of your locations. This item would go into your Product Catalog. Later, when adding inventory, you will define how many you have at each of your locations.

*Please note that Flower Strains are not entered this way. All Flower is entered into your products by following these steps. Once your strains are created for Flower, the weights and amounts are defined using inventory!