Book an appointment using SetMore Flowhub | Closing Steps

Closing Steps

Here are some recommended steps for closing down your store for the day:

Clear the queue of any customers and patients. You can remove customers from Cashier or from Customers

Count & Close the drawers

Run the reports to get the closing report numbers. We suggest the End of Day PDF. To get the End of Day PDF, select reports in your left hand navigation and search for “End of Day PDF”. 

Here is an example:

Push to METRC: To push to METRC, first be sure you have entered an API key under your user profile. 

Next, navigate to Reports and search for METRC. Make sure to choose Med or Rec if applicable. 

Below are some best practices for using FlowHub to upload daily sales into METRC.
  • Only upload sales to METRC via the API one time per day. This should be done after all sales have been completed for the day. 
  • If edits need to be made to a sale after you've uploaded through API, the .csv functionality cannot be used to over-ride and fix the issue. This will cause duplicate sales to be reported. Any changes will need to be made directly to your METRC account. 
  • To help avoid compliance issues, the API functionality should be used every day, or not at all. This will help avoid accidentally reporting sales twice. 
  • Ensure only one person each day is uploading via the API or the sales could be duplicated.
  • If you encounter a package tag error, Flowhub will give you the opportunity to adjust the information to match the correct package tag information in METRC. It is important to ensure the employee pushing sales does not adjust package tags in METRC.
  • If you prefer, you can download a .csv file with daily sales from Flowhub, and upload this to your METRC account instead of pushing through API. It is extremely important to note that you should not complete both the .csv upload and the API push.