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Location Based Pricing

Who is this for:

Chains that have several locations with different price points per location.

Some things to know:

  • Location based prices are set in products only.
  • The first price added is the default price and applies to all locations until a location specific price is created.
  • If inventory is accepted at a location where a location price is set, that price cannot be changed. If the location is using the default price, it can be adjusted when accepting inventory.
  • Cost is the same for all locations but can be adjusted when accepting inventory.

How to add location based prices:

  • Select Manage and Company Management
  • Products
  • Select the + button or find the product and edit from the details aside
  • Select the product category
  • Fill in all the required fields, including the default sales price
  • Select +Add Another Location Based Price
  • Add a location specific price and check the locations that should receive the price
  • Repeat the above step for locations with unique price points
  • Keep in mind that all locations, not checked will get the default price


As a customer buying a Boulder Bar, this is what I will pay each location:

  • Flowhub OR No. 1 = $10 (default)
  • No. 2 = $12
  • No. 2 = $8