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Specials are preset discounts that will be applied to a sale based on certain conditions. Typically, users will be added to a user group (military, friends & family, etc). Then, you can create specials that apply to those groups. When an inventory item is tied to a special and added to a customer cart, Flowhub's smart cart does the math for you and the discount is automatically applied.  

In order to set up a special, you need to have the manage specials permission set up

When creating specials in Flowhub, there are a few things to think about.  Our specials engine is very dynamic and can be manipulated to apply automatically to the whole cart, or just specific items in a cart. 

First, identify which customer type you want this to be available for (Med, Rec, Both).  Should you need to be more specific than med or rec, you can apply the customer groups you set up in company management to your specials.  

If a special is not automatically discounting for members as you think it should, it is likely you need to double check and edit who the special applies to. 

When setting up specials, if you do not select a product, the special will apply to the entire cart.  If you accidentally select a product and want to go back to a whole cart special, simply re-click the product icon and the button will release. 

Next, decide if this is a whole cart special or if you want to select a product category. If you do not select the product icons available, the special will default to the entire cart. If you do select a specific product type, you will notice fields will dynamically update asking for quantity or weight thresholds you can manipulate as you please. 

Be sure to double check your settings for percent or dollar off items.  You can then set a date and time range.  You can create specials for the future and leave them as active. 

To create a special:

  1. Select Specials from the left sidebar navigation menu
  2. On the top navigation bar select the "+" button
  3. Define the parameters of your special
  4. Click Save
Notes: Specials must be active for the system to automatically apply the discount within the cart.  You can toggle a special between active and inactive as often as you like.  

If the special applies to a particular product, you can determine how many products the customer must buy before receiving the discount with the Quantity Threshold  (ie. the customer must purchase two (2) items before receiving the discount of 20%)

How to view active specials:
  1. Select Specials from the Sidebar Navigation (Left)
  2. Select Active from the Top Navigation Bar and you have a list of all active specials! 
Need to activate or deactivate a special?  No problem, click the special from the main screen, select the details tab form the right sidebar menu and click edit. 

Coupon Code Based Specials

  • You can apply multiple coupons to a cart
  • Delete a coupon in the same way as you delete an auto applied special or an inline discount
How to create a coupon special:
  • Select Specials
  • Select the + button
  • Fill in all required fields
    • Select Code (instead of Auto-apply) and provide a code name
  • The code can be text or numbers and should then be distributed to customers
  • Save

How to accept a coupon and discount inventory :
  • Cashier
  • Open a customer’s cart
  • Add items to the cart and when they present a coupon code, type or scan the code into the coupon code field and apply
    • You will either get an alert that coupon was accepted or it does not exist based on the items in the cart.

Specials Recap:

  • Specials Auto-apply - When an inventory item is added to a cart and is associated with an auto-apply special the discount applies on its own.
  • Specials Code - In order to apply discount, a coupon code must be presented by the customer and entered at the cart to see the discounts applied.
  • Inline Discounts - At the cart, an employee (with the inline permission) can provide a quick dollar or percentage discount.