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How do I create my own pre-packs from bulk flower?

This feature allows you to add bulk bud upon receiving the inventory and at a later date take that bulk bud and change it to pre-packed weights with a button.  The modal will count down how much bulk you have left to pack and will create new inventory items automatically for you.

- Fields that remain the same from bulk to the new prepackaged inventory: 
Package Tag, Batch #, Supplier License, Invoice #, Strain Name. 
The new modal will ask for:
Price Profile, Child-Proof, Quantity, Room, Weight, Cost

1) Add your bulk flower

2) Search and select the bulk flower from inventory main screen >> Select "Pack Bulk Bud" from details tab (right navigation sidebar) 

3)  Package your bulk bud accordingly.  You can chose to do all the same weight / joints, or mix and match

4) After you unpack the flower, navigate back to main screen inventory, and you will find the new pre packs.  All the new pre-packs will have same package tags as they had previously.  You can then select and edit the new items if you would like to assign new package tags to them.   It's also a best practice to leave the grams that represents the waste as bulk bud, after packing the new inventory, you can go back to the original bulk bud and from the details select Waste and record the waste.