Book an appointment using SetMore Flowhub | How do I add med members and patients?

How do I add med members and patients?

Let's add med members and patients:

  1. Select Customers from the left sidebar navigation
  2. Select the "+" button in the Top Navigation Bar
  3. Select Med
  4. Enter in First and Last Name, State, and Birthdate from the Identification Card provided by the customer 
  5. Add their 8 digit MMR card number & expiration, plant count, gram limit
  6. Upload documents
When adding the following details to med patients or members, please take note: 

Primary License - Provide the store license number for the dispensary that holds the customer’s plant count  (This may be different than your own store license)

Add as many attachments as your dispensary requires -
and name the attachment by selecting a name for the list or typing out a different name

To retrieve an uploaded document -
select the Customer >> Details >> click the link to open the file

To replace a file -
select the Customer - Details - Edit - Select “Choose File” of the document you which to replace and rename if necessary

Select the loyalty check box -
to record loyalty points
if they want to enroll

Plant Count & Gram Limit - 
are both fields that default to the CO standard but can updated depending on the patient’s prescription

If the patient’s plant count is greater than 6 -
update the gram limit so the patient can purchase more cannabis within the cart.  
If you leave these fields blank, the patient can not purchase any cannabis

Returning med members or patients -  
Begin typing their name and select the user from the dropdown

If you have someone picking up for an outpatient or caregiver, they do not need to have a second ID in Flowhub.

Data Saved: 
All data provided in the patient section is saved
Purchase history
Loyalty points (if they become a member)