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Best Practice: Company Management

Flowhub uses smart guidelines that dynamically update as managers and budtenders navigate their workday - allowing you to think less about managing them and more about growing your business.

Your Flowhub Account Representative will create your account and add all store locations, but the rest is up to your team. This provides great flexibility and customization when setting up the account. We always recommend giving the owner and operations members of your dispensary team permission to view and control each individual section of Company Management.

This panel reflects the suppliers and products a dispensary carries, along with customer groups and loyalty programs. A single store will be able to manage all settings here, or, if there are multiple stores within a chain, the Company Management panel will allow all locations to share the same supplier, product and customer group information.

By taking the time to set up your company management before Flowhub trains your team, and prior to accepting inventory, the software will guide employees through their day seamlessly. This is a place to set guidelines that will disperse to all your stores, and establish daily workflows.

Take some time to learn: 
  1. Products  &  Naming products
  2. Suppliers
  3. Groups

4) Loyalty

5) Customer Sources