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Every action in Flowhub is recorded and reportable. Within the reports engine found in the left sidebar navigation, a store can create specific reports to meet the needs of their business analytics. Flowhub has six pre-generated reports offering great insights (see below). You can also create custom reports, and set endless parameters to tease out the exact information you are looking for. Below outlines both scenarios. 

Let's view standard reports:
  1. Select Reports from the left sidebar navigation 
  2. Select a report your interested in from the main screen
  3. Select Download the PDF/CSV, or upload to METRC from the right sidebar navigation
The first time you generate the reports, Chrome’s pop up blocker may prevent them from opening up. Change the settings to always allow pop ups from * 

Here is a recap of the standard reports that come with your account: 

End of Day PDF

  • Select report for a previous day or at the end of the current day from the filters on the top navigation bar (when the drawers are closed)
  • Does include taxes

Sales PDF

  • Select a timeframe to view the report & fully populate the first graph
  • Does not include taxes:
  • Revenue
  • Average Sale
  • Employee Total Revenue


  • Select a timeframe to view the report
  • Times applied = number of single inventory items sold within each category
  • Does not include excise tax right now
METRC (if applicable)
  • Allows you to push direct to METRC, if you have your METRC API key in your profile.
  • Also allows you to download the CSV file so you can manually upload to METRC.
METRC Discrepancy
  • The METRC Discrepancy report compares your Flowhub inventory to your inventory in METRC. 
Payroll Timesheet
  • Employee hours for payroll purposes

Custom reports:
Make sure each person accessing and making reports, is set up with their own custom needs. When creating a custom report, remember it will only be available to you. In order to create a report, make sure your manager has you set up with access reports permissions.

Let's generate your own report: 

  1. Select Reports from the Sidebar Navigation (Left)
  2. Select the "+"  button
  3. Name the report, elect the Type of report, and give a brief description
  4. The available fields and filter will update based on the type of report
  5. A custom report is editable from the details section
  6. Save when complete, and the report will appear in your reports list.
To run the report:
  1. Select the report
  2. Set your filter parameters at the top, if applicable
  3. Click CSV button in right column, toward the bottom
  4. A CSV file will download to your desktop.