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Best Practice: METRC Syncing


Flowhub has a "push / pull" API into METRC and syncs your sales.  You control this though reports (found in left sidebar navigation menu).

If you are set up with METRC API access via Flowhub, you have the ability to add your catalog of strains and suppliers directly from METRC.

Please update your strains in METRC first, then sync with Flowhub. 

It is best to have all your employees locate and enter their METC API key when setting them up.  You can also have them do this by editing your API key.

Before your first upload: 


As you get Flowhub & METRC synced, please first log into METRC and change all the concentrates from “Bulk” to “Each”. This ensures your push from Flowhub to METRC is recorded correctly.  

If you chose to download the METRC CSV from reports in Flowhub, you will see concentrates denoted as "concentrates" rather than grams or each.  No worries, our API is smart and will located and know which concentrates should be reported as each or grams automatically. There is no need to download the CSV, but it is always there for you if you need. 

Items pulled from METRC: 

It is always recommended to pull your strains and suppliers from METRC to avoid human error. 

1) Strains are location specific and can be manually maintained or done via the METRC API access. As you edit or add strains to METRC, select the Get METRC Strains button. It will not duplicate data but update accordingly. 

2) Suppliers reveals a "Get METRC suppliers" on the top menu to sync Flowhub to your METRC suppliers. This will only pull in their licence # and names, so be sure to take some time to add in other information

Items pushed to METRC: 

By pushing to METRC, you will overwrite any past data you had so you can start fresh.  As you sync to METRC at the end of the day, you can check the upload by clicking "sales" in your METRC account. Click the date and you will see line items from Flowhub uploaded right to METRC.  

Note: Joints rolled at the store and Prerolled joints will be recorded as a weight when reporting to METRC

Note: Only sales are pushed to METRC.  Should you record waste or make adjustments during the day, please log into METRC to record these amounts. 


You will know if your end of day sync with METRC did not go though because Flowhub will display the same error METRC does on your POS screen in real time.  If an error appears, please screenshot it and send it to

To avoid errors like this please be sure to scan your package tags in when accepting inventory.