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Reports examples

Create a report for Gift Cards Sold: 
  • Type: Sales Breakdown
  • Fields: Product, Price After Discount
  • Filters: Date Range, Category, Customer Types
Create a report for Gift Cards Redeemed: 
  • Type: Sales
  • Fields: Created At, Sales Total, Gift Card ID, Customer Name, Gift Card Amount, Items Sold
  • Filters: All 
Invoices / Purchase Orders 
  • Type: Inventory Activity
  • Fields: Created At, Source licenses, Invoice, Package ID, Cost, Employee Name, Operation, Brand, Product Name, Quantity, Price, Employee Badge #
  • ​Filters: All
    • (Filter by date and Operation: add to see new inventory added )
    • Note: please make sure to add invoice numbers to all inventory added to the system! Invoices numbers are provided by your suppliers. 
Waste / Remove 
  • Type: Inventory Activity
  • Fields: Created At, Source Licence, Package ID, Reason, Employee Badge #, Old Values, Operation, Brand, Product Name, Quantity, Employee Name
  • ​Filters: All 
  • ​Type: Timesheet Report
  • Fields: All
  • ​Filters: ​All
Why did they leave without purchasing?  
  • ​Type: Customer Activity
  • Fields: Customer Name, Reason for Leaving, State, Employee Name
  • ​Filters: ​All
Primaries & Plant Counts 
  • Type: Customers
  • Fields: Is Med, Name, MED Exp, Gram Limit, Is Primary, Med ID, Plant Count
  • ​Filters: All
Discount Report
  • Type: Discount Performance/ Usage
  • Fields: Date, Time, Employee Name, Coupon Code, Special Name, Inline Discount, Quantity Applied, Dollars per Item, Toal Discount in Dollars
  • Filters: Date Range