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Best Practice: Naming Products

When adding products though company management its important to keep a few things in mind:

1. Describe the product well enough that you’d recognize it come time to add inventory. 
Keep in mind that by creating and giving names to products, you are not creating new inventory in the system. 

For example if you have rolling papers made by Raw, you want to put Rolling Papers in the product name, and Raw in the brand. This helps managers and budtenders distinguish items when adding inventory. 

2. Types and Brands

Each product allows you to add a brand, such as “Sweet Grass.” If the brand is already listed in the system, you may select it from the dropdown. If the brand is new, type out the entire name to create a new brand in the system. 

Because both brands and types of products have the ability to change, each store can create and manage brands and types within the inventory section. 

3. Products are not classified as med or rec, you will do this when adding inventory.  If you have two products, and one is meant for MED members only, it is beneficial to put "MED" in the title.  

Example: If you have two Affogato bars with different potency, you should add both to the product section, and differentiate the name.  This way when checking it into inventory, you will be able to easily identify the item: 

(REC at end of product name) 

(MED at end of product name) 

Best Practice for naming concentrates: 

Best Practice for naming cartridges if you have multiple brands supplying similar products:  

Always remember, products represent all potential items a store can carry within the Infused Products (Edibles & Non-Edibles), Concentrates, and Accessories categories.

The inventory system has preset categories: Bulk, Prepackaged Flower, Infused Products, Concentrates, Clones, and Accessories. Each inventory item is classified by only one category. Types, or subcategories, are editable, however. If the type is already listed in the system, you may select it from the dropdown. If the type is new, type out the entire name to create the type.

The system generates SKUs that are METRC package tag-specific and product-specific within inventory. Because non-cannabis “Accessories” are not METRC-specific, you can add those SKUs yourself, or generate within the Products section.