Book an appointment using SetMore Flowhub | Rooms


For each physical location you store inventory in your dispensary, create a room in Flowhub with the same name. (ie: Back Room, Floor, Refrigerator, Vault) Rooms categorize inventory that is either for sale or not for sale, which ensures that only inventory in rooms designated for sale can be added to customer carts. 

  1. Select Manage >> Location Management from the Bottom Navigation Menu
  2. Select Room from the manage dropdown in the Top Navigation Bar
  3. In the Top Navigation Bar select the "+" button
  4. Fill in all fields and save.
    • Note: You can view all of the available inventory in a room (by category), by selecting the room and viewing the Details Tab in the Navigation Sidebar (Right) 


How to Move Products

  1. Select Inventory from left sidebar navigation menu
  2. Use the search bar in the left of the top navigation bar to search by either name, brand, SKU, or any other unique identifier.  (The category icons, rooms, and med vs. rec dropdown can help narrow your view)
  3. Select the inventory you wish to edit from main screen
  4. In the right sidebar navigation select "Move"
  5. Select the room you would like to move the inventory to
  6. Fill in the quantity being moved