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What makes a Flowhub SKU different?

Every product added to your inventory within Flowhub is assigned a unique SKU. The SKU is tied to a product + a METRC package tag, and each SKU is visible under the 'Details' tab on the right sidebar navigation.

If you have products (like accessories) not attached to a METRC package tag, you can generate your own SKU when adding them to the system. The fields dynamically update as you are adding inventory, so you will always be prompted to add a SKU if this is necessary.


Product = Incredibles | Affogato Bars - MED
METRC package tag = 1A4000400266F3C900000881
Rooms/Quantity = Med Floor 50
All 50 SKUs = piYCwGsTMs


Product = Incredibles | Affogato Bars - REC 
METRC package tag = 1A4000400266F3C900000892
Rooms/Quantity = Floor 10, Backroom 40
All 50 SKUs = p4CzEsydjB