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Flowhub’s Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are a great way to incentivize your customers to keep coming back. Flowhub gives you the ability to build in your own custom Loyalty program. Set it up once and begin rewarding your loyal customer base today!

Your Loyalty Programs are created and updated in Company Management. This means you can set up your Loyalty Programs one time and they will roll out to each of your various locations. 

Remember: $1 is equal to one point in Flowhub. You get to choose how much money that point is worth. Once activated, your Flowhub POS will track every dollar (before tax) spent by your loyalty members (at all stores).   

Below are each of the steps you will need in order to set up your Loyalty Programs.

  1. Once you log into your account, click on the Bottom Navigation Menu
  2. Click Manage > Company Management from the menu
  3. From the Top Navigation Bar, click Manage > Loyalty
  4. In the upper right of the Loyalty page, click the + symbol to create your first set of rules. 
    • The Loyalty Program can apply to the following customer types (each one must be set separately)
      • Medical Patients
      • Recreational Patients
      • Medical Members (primary patients)
You will determine a threshold:

​How many points do your members need to collect before cashing in for their loyalty rewards? You may have multiple thresholds. For example: you can set one threshold to be 100 points, and have that be worth a set amount of money. You can set a second (higher) threshold and make that worth more money. This would incentivize them to save their points. It is completely up to you how many thresholds you want to create, and what each is worth. 

Next, set how much the points are worth:
As mentioned above, each set of points needs to have a value. For example: for the first threshold of points (100), you can set those points to be worth 5 cents each. This would make your 100 points worth $5 off a purchase. 

Create as many Thresholds as you need, and then save the profile. You would then repeat this for the other customer types (Medical, Primary Medical, and Recreational). 

Adding Customers to the Loyalty Program

Any customer or patient can join the loyalty program. When checking in the customer, select the Loyalty Member checkbox option and add required information. This customer is assigned to this group going forward and will receive points per dollar spent.

From the NUG:
Once you scan a user's ID, but before you check them in, click on the More option in the upper right. On the next screen, you would enter in the phone number of the user. Then click on the check box to save this info to the user's profile. 

Use Loyalty Points

When a customer (who is also a loyalty member) reaches the first threshold, they will gain the ability to redeem their points for the dollar amount allocated by the dispensary within their cart, click to see check out section.

Let's add some new rec loyalty:

  1. Check customer into the Queue (NUG or manually)
  2. When adding the customer > Select Loyalty Member check box
  3. Fill in additional information collected from the customer (Required fields are phone number and email address)
  4. Click Save
This customer is now saved in the database, so we track their sales (points)

Data Saved:

  • All data provided when becoming a member 
  • Purchase history 
  • Loyalty points
If a member has already been added to the loyalty program, and you would like to check them into the queue they will already be saved in the system.  When checking them in, just click the customer search icon (arrow next to the check box) and type their name: 

Example program for medical customers:
For every dollar spent, the customer will receive a point. There are three thresholds set up based on points collected and the value of those points:

  • Threshold 1 - At 100 points (or $100 spent) the customer can redeem for 5% discount.
    • 5% of $100 spent = $5 to use towards a purchase.
  • Threshold 2 - At 1,000 points (or $1,000 spent) the customer can redeem for 10% discount.
    • 10% of $1,000 spent = $100 to use towards a purchase.


  1. If the customer’s total is greater than the ‘points in dollars’, you can then select cash or card and continue with a second payment option.
  2. If you do not see the option to use loyalty points, the customer either does not have enough points, or you need to adjust your threshold.