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Customer Groups

Do you like to reward and recognize customers?  Then Flowhub Customer Groups is perfect for your dispensary.  "Customer Groups" are a way to categorize customers and provide them select discounts. To set up these groups and link them to specials, you will utilize:
  • Company Management - create as many groups as you’d like (Employees, Friends & Family,  Military Discounts, VIP, etc) 
  • Customers - assign customers & patients to groups
  • Specials - create and add discounts these groups should automatically receive upon checkout and voila!
Step One: Add Groups
  1. Select Manage, Company Management from the Bottom Navigation Menu
  2. Select Groups from the manage dropdown in the Top Navigation Bar
  3. Select the "+" button on right side of Top Navigation Bar
  4. Add a group name and description

Step Two: Create Group Specials

  1. Select Specials from the Left Sidebar Navigation
  2. Select the "+" button from the right side of Top Navigation Bar
  3. Define the parameters of your special (including the Customer Group)
  4. Click Save

Step Three: Add Customer to Group(s)

Any customer or patient can be assigned to a Group. When checking in the customer:

  1. Select Choose Customer Group
  2. Select any one of the groups assigned in Manage
  3. Customer is assigned to this group going forward and will receive the specials any time they checkout.

To remove a group special:

  1. Visit the cart upon checkout
  2. Select the item and “x” next to the customer group / special name