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Strains are added and edited though Location Management. 

Strains need to be added before adding inventory. In Flowhub, "Strains" are comprised of all the cannabis strains your dispensary will carry at any given time.  Outlined below are two options for adding your strains. We recommend always adding new strains to METRC first, then syncing with Flowhub.  You can do this as much as you like we will  not duplicate your data. 

Note:  Please verify that your stores METRC data is current before syncing  If you are set up with METRC API access via Flowhub, you will have the ability to add your catalog of strains directly from METRC. If you do not have this access, but would like to learn more, please contact your Flowhub Account Representative or

Option 1: Download strains from METRC
NOTE: currently, pulling strains from METRC is disabled. 

*Requires a METRC API key in your profile.

  1. Select Manage, Location Management from the Bottom Navigation Menu
  2. Select Strains from the dropdown in the Top Navigation Bar
  3. Select the Get METRC Strain button from the Top Navigation Bar
  4. This will automatically import all your strain data including the license, species, and THC/CBD content
  5. Repeat these steps for each store location
  6. In the future, when you edit or add strains in METRC, head back to Flowhub and click the Get METRC Strains button. It will not duplicate data but update accordingly.

*Note- THC/CBD potency is a decimal in METRC (from 0 - 1) , which converts to a whole number potency percentage in Flohwub (0-100)

Option 2: Upload Strains via CSV​

  1. Go to Strains Page (Manage > Location Management, then Manage > Strains)
  2. Click Upload CSV button in upper right
  3. Click Get Template button to download the preformatted file you use to fill in the strains info. 
  4. Fill in the template, and save the file as a CSV
  5. Go back to the Upload CSV modal on the strains page, select the file in the Choose CSV field
  6. Click Upload
    • If there are any errors, you will be told at this time. You can then update the file and upload again. 
Option 3: Manual Add
  1. Select Manage >> Location Management from the Bottom Navigation Menu
  2. Select Strains from the manage dropdown in the Top Navigation Bar
  3. Select the "+" button from upper right corner of Top Navigation Bar
  4. Fill in all relevant fields
  5. Select Save

Always remember to:

Edit or remove a strain: 

  1. If you want to edit a Strain: Select the strain you wish to edit from Details Tab in the Side Navigation (Right) and select Edit.
  2. If you want to remove a Strain: First remove or replace the strain from all products and inventory. Then select the strain and from the details and remove.

To remove strains from products first: 
  • Strains have no monetary value associated with them in Flowhub.  This would be accomplished via our Pricing Profiles. 
  • Price Profiles allow you to create a set price for each possible weight of bulk or prepackaged flower. You can then apply these profiles when accepting inventory into the system.