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What is Company Management vs. Location Management?

Company Management: 

Think of Company Management as a giant umbrella which sits over each of your locations. Company Management ensures the following data will be standardized throughout your locations:

Products (Manage all potential items a location can carry within categories)
Suppliers (Manage vendor information which provide inventory to your stores) 
Groups (Manage customer categories which allow select discounts)
Loyalty (Manage reward program for your return clientelle)
Customer Sources (Manage your marketing sources to gain insight on campaign effectiveness)


Location Management: 

Location Management reflects information that is specific to each location and should be set up on a store by store basis. This is where you will create and manage: 

Rooms (Manage where inventory is stored, as well as what is for sale and not for sale)
Strains (Manage all of the potential cannabis strains each location will carry at any given time)
Price Profiles (Manage your pricing and how it is determined)
Taxes & Fees (Manage your location specific taxes and any post tax fees)
Settings (Manage printing, inventory, and cart settings for chosen location)


If you need to change items in these sections, but do not see the options, ask your store owner or manager to grant you the permission necessary to preform that action.