Book an appointment using SetMore Flowhub | How do I set up a budtender?

How do I set up a budtender?

Let's add a Budtender:

1) Select Employees from the left sidebar navigation
2) Select the "+" button in the upper right of the top navigation bar
3) Fill in all required fields (asterisked) and any other optional information
4) Select all locations designated for the employee
5) Select appropriate permissions (see below for examples)
6) Select "Add Employee" at the bottom right of the employee window

Notes: After the Budtender is created, they will receive an email from, which will prompt them to create a password and PIN. Be sure to check the spam folder if the manager does not receive this email after 10 minutes of creation. If you or your Budtender have trouble with the email, please ensure you click the link from a computer and not a phone. 

Example permissions for a Budtender: 

Manage Customers
Access Reports

Navigating Flowhub with Budtender permissions: 

1) Will not allow the Budtender to see Company management
2) Budtender can view Location Management, but "+"  from the top navigation and "edit" from the details tab will be removed so they cannot manipulate this
3) Budtender will not have view of revenue at the register

View as a Budtender: